Embroidery Stitch
Common Name: Long & Short Stitch

Encroaching Blanket Stitch

Encroaching Gobelin Stitch
Related: Gobelin Stitch
A canvas, or needlepoint, stitch.

Encroaching Satin Stitch

Encroaching Stem Stitch
A Stem Stitch variation that creates a broader line.

Ermine Stitch
Alternate Name: Ermine Filling Stitch A vertical Straight Stitch with two diagonal Straight Stitches crossed over the top.

Eskimo Laced Edge
Invented by the Eskimos and Aleuts to join parka seams, making them waterproof. Makes a decorative hem finish. Baste a small hem with Running Stitches worked close to the inside edge. Using pearl cotton, place your starting knot inside the hem (so it won't show) making sure you begin to stitch so it comes out on the front of your fabric. Work from right to left, making somewhat loose stitches to make lacing easier. (It is recommended that the Running Stitches be made with a stabbing, rather than a sewing motion.) Using a heavier weight thread and a tapestry needle, begin lacing by placing the knot inside the hem and bringing the needle out just below the first Running Stitch. Lace it under this stitch without picking up the fabric. Turn the edge over so that the right side is facing you and lace under the first stitch from the edge in. Lace the second stitch toward the edge. Lace over the edge to the backside of the fabric and continue.

Eye Stitch
Eye Stitch has sixteen stitches that emerge from the same center hole, with the outside points creating a square. The squares can be finished with an outline of Back Stitch.


Eyelet Stitch
Small, delicate eyelets.

Eyelet Stitch Filling
A drawn fabric technique.


Faggot Filling Stitch
Common Name: Sheaf Filling Stitch


Fancy Buttonhole Filling
Shape to be filled is first outlined with Back Stitch.

Fancy Couching
Couching variations that create broad, decorative bands.

Feather Stitch
Alternate Name: Single Coral Stitch, Straight Feather Stitch Related: Double Feather Stitch, Single Feather Stitch
A primary embroidery stitch.

Feather Stitch [2]
Common Name: Long & Short Stitch

Feathered Chain Stitch
Alternate Name: Chained Feather Stitch

Fence Stitch
Common Name: Barrier Stitch

Fern Leaf Stitch
Common Name: Fern Stitch

Fern Stitch
Alternate Name: Fern Leaf Stitch

Festoon Filling Stitch
A drawn fabric stitch.

Figure Stitch
Common Name: Roumanian Couching

Fishbone Stitch
Related: Flat Stitch
Typically used as a leaf filling.

Fishbone Stitch [2]

Flame Stitch
Common Name: Florentine Stitch

Flat Stitch
Related: Fishbone Stitch
According to Mary Thomas's Dictionary of Embroidery Stitches (1935): "The term 'flat stitch' is sometimes found in old embroidery books as referring to any embroidery worked in such stitches as satin, long and short, brick stitch and so on, all of which produce a 'flat' smooth effect."

Florentine Stitch
Alternate Name: Cushion Stitch, Flame Stitch, Irish Stitch

Fly Stitch
Alternate Name: Open Loop Stitch, Tied Stitch, Y Stitch Related: Twisted Fly Stitch, Whipped Fly Stitch, Interlaced Fly Stitch, Fly Stitch Filling
A very basic looped stitch with many variations.

Fly Stitch Filling
Alternate Name: Crossed Fly Stitch Related: Fly Stitch

Four-legged Knot Stitch

Four-sided Border
A drawn fabric technique.

Four-sided Openwork Stitch
Common Name: Four-sided Stitch

Four-sided Stitch
Alternate Name: Four-sided Openwork Stitch, Square Stitch Related: Four-sided Border, Single Faggot Stitch
A drawn fabric stitch that reverses to Cross Stitch. When used for an area larger than the typical single line, for filling or a border, Four-sided Stitch has been called Four-sided Border and Four-sided Stitch Filling.

Framed Cross Filling
Related: Cobbler Filling Stitch
A drawn fabric stitch.

French Dot
Common Name: French Knot

French Filling
Stitch a line of Outline Stitch and when the end is reached, go back the other way, following the contour of the Outline Stitch, with small even Running Stitches. Go back and forth with the Running Stitches as many times as desired.

French Knot
Alternate Name: French Dot, Knotted Stitch, Twisted Knot Stitch A primary embroidery stitch, the only variations being the number of times the thread is twisted around the needle.

French Stitch


German Interlacing Stitch

German Knot Stitch
Common Name: Coral Stitch

Ghiordes Knot
Common Name: Turkey Work

Glove Stitch
Related: Bosnian Stitch
Worked left to right along two parallel lines. Looks the same as Bosnian Stitch.

Gobelin Filling Stitch
A drawn fabric stitch;.

Gobelin Stitch
Alternate Name: Oblique Gobelin Stitch
Gros Point (sometimes)

Related: Seed Stitch
Similar to Seed Stitch except that the number of stitches can vary and they use the same two holes.

Greek Cross Filling
Alternate Name: Greek Four-sided Stitch A drawn fabric stitch.

Greek Four-sided Stitch
Common Name: Greek Cross Filling

Greek Stitch

Guilloche Stitch
There are two variations. The first is worked with two parallel lines of Stem Stitch with groups of three horizontal Satin Stitches placed at intervals in between. The Satin Stitch clusters are then laced together in both directions. A French Knot is placed in the middle of the loops. The second variation is much simplified with only the groups of three or more horizontal Satin Stitches threaded together.


Half Cross Stitch
Alternate Name: Half Stitch

Half Stitch
Common Name: Half Cross Stitch

Heavy Chain Stitch
Alternate Name: Braid Stitch Make a small vertical stitch. Bring the needle up below this stitch as you would for a Detached Chain Stitch. Pass the thread under the vertical stitch, but not through the fabric, and insert the needle in the same hole it came up through. The rest of the stitches will pass under both the threads of the preceding loop.

Hem Stitch

Herringbone Ladder Filling Stitch
Common Name: Interlaced Band

Herringbone Stitch
Alternate Name: Catch Stitch, Mossoul Stitch, Plaited Stitch, Russian Cross Stitch, Russian Stitch Related: Threaded Herringbone
A primary embroidery stitch.

Holbein Stitch
Alternate Name: Double Running Stitch, Line Stitch, Square Stitch, Stroke Stitch, Two-sided Line Stitch, Two-sided Stroke Stitch Used extensively in Blackwork and Assisi Work.

Hollie Stitch
Alternate Name: Holy Stitch, Holy Point Related: Fancy Buttonhole Filling

Holy Point or Holy Stitch
Common Name: Hollie Stitch

Honeycomb Filling Stitch
Alternate Name: Net Passing Stitch Must be worked in a frame.

Honeycomb Filling Stitch [2]
A drawn fabric stitch.

Hungarian Braided Chain
Related: Heavy Chain Stitch
Begin as you would for Heavy Chain Stitch, but pass the needle through the first (inside) loop rather than behind both.

Hungarian Stitch
Alternate Name: Triple Back Stitch

Hungarian Stitch on Canvas
Called Mosaic Stitch when worked diagonally.


Indian Drawn Ground Stitch
A drawn fabric stitch.

Indian Herringbone Stitch

Insertion Wave Stitch
Related: Wave Stitch Filling
A variation of Wave Stitch Filling. Designed by Jacqueline Enthoven (The Stitches of Creative Embroidery, 1964) to embellish (and hide) the seam created when adding adding material to lenghten a skirt or dress. Her method of having the joined seam open on the outside of the garment, and then using Wave Stitch Filling and a trim over it, is a very clever way of making the garment neat and on both sides.

Interlaced Band Stitch
Alternate Name: Laced Cretan Stitch, Herringbone Ladder Filling Stitch Foundation is two parallel lines of Holbein Stitch. Lacing thread wraps around straight stitches, does not go through fabric.

Interlaced Chain Stitch
Common Name: Outlined Chain Stitch

Interlaced Insertion Stitch
Alternate Name: Interlacing Insertion Stitch Related: Laced Herringbone Stitch

Interlaced Running Stitch

Interlaced Yugoslav Border Stitch

Interlacing Stitch

Irish Stitch
Common Name: Florentine Stitch

Isolated Back Stitch
Common Name: Seed Stitch

Italian Buttonhole Insertion Stitch

Italian Cross Stitch

Italian Hem Stitch
Alternate Name: Double-rowed Openwork, Roumanian Hem Stitch, Double Hem Stitch Related: Hem Stitch

Italian Hemstitch
A pulled thread technique. Pull out two threads and skip four. Working from the top down, make each stitch over the four remaining threads.

Italian Sheaf Stitch
Related: Sheaf Stitch
A combination of Straight and Running Stitches.


Jacobean Couching
Common Name: Trellis Couching

Jacquard Stitch
A canvas stitch.

Japanese Darning

Japanese Stitch


Kensington Outline Stitch
Common Name: Split Stitch

Knitting Stitch
Alternate Name: Tapestry Stitch A canvas stitch that creates a closely woven effect, similar to tapestry, when worked in finer thread, and like knitting when worked in heavier thread. Has a similar look to Chain Stitch on Canvas.

Knot Stitch Edging
Alternate Name: Antwerp Edging Stitch, Knot Stitch [1], Knotted Blanket Stitch Related: Armenian Edging Stitch, Braid Edging Stitch

Knot Stitch [1]
Common Name: Knot Stitch Edging

Knot Stitch [2]
Common Name: Bullion Knot

Knotted Blanket Stitch
Common Name: Knot Edging Stitch

Knotted Blanket Stitch Filling

Knotted Buttonhole Filling
Related: Fancy Buttonhole Filling, Hollie Stitch
Shape to be filled is first outlined with Back Stitch.

Knotted Buttonhole Stitch

Knotted Cable Chain Stitch
Alternate Name: Knotted Cable Stitch

Knotted Cable Stitch

Knotted Chain Stitch
Alternate Name: Link Stitch Related: Knotted Cable Chain Stitch

Knotted Cretan Stitch

Knotted Insertion Stitch
Common Name: Knotted Faggot Stitch

Knotted Insertion Stitch

Knotted Knot Stitch
Common Name: Detached Chain Stitch

Knotted Outline Stitch
Common Name: Coral Stitch

Knotted Pearl Stitch

Knotted Stitch
Related: Roman Stitch
A canvas stitch in which long diagonal stitches are crossed in the middle with smaller stitches.

Knotted Stitch [2]
Common Name: French Knot

Knotted Stitch [3]
Common Name: Coral Stitch