Lace Stitch
Common Name: Three-sided Stitch

Lace Stitch Filling

Laced Herringbone Stitch
Alternate Name: German Interlacing Stitch

Laced Insertion Stitch
Two edges are finished with Braid Edging Stitch and the loops then laced together.

Laced Running Stitch
Common Name: Threaded Running Stitch, Whipped Running Stitch Name sometimes used for both Threaded Running Stitch and Whipped Running Stitch.

Ladder Hem Stitch
Alternate Name: Ladder Stitch Related: Antique Hem Stitch, Hem Stitch, Italian Hem Stitch

Ladder Hemstitch
Common Name: Open Chain Stitch

Ladder Stitch
Worked from the top down, using a hoop.

Ladder Stitch [2]
Common Name: Open Chain Stitch

Laid Work Tacked

Lattice Couching

Lazy Daisy
Related: Detached Chain Stitch
A cluster of Detached Chain Stitches that create a flower.

Leaf Stitch

Leviathan Stitch
Common Name: Double Cross Stitch

Line Stitch
Common Name: Holbein Stitch

Link Powdering Stitch

Link Stitch
Common Name: Knotted Chain Stitch

Long & Short Stitch
Alternate Name: Embroidery Stitch, Feather Stitch, Plumage Stitch, Shading Stitch

Long Stem Stitch
Related: Stem Stitch
A variation of Stem Stitch in which the stitches are spaced further apart.

Long-armed Cross Stitch
Alternate Name: Long-legged Cross Stitch, Plaited Slav Stitch, Portuguese Stitch, Slav Cross Stitch, Twist Stitch Related: Montenegrin Cross Stitch, Plait Stitch
One variation of Long-armed Cross Stitch begins the row with an ordinary Cross Stitch which squares off the end. When worked close together, with little or no ground showing, it is called Plait Stitch.

Long-armed Feather Stitch
Alternate Name: Cretan Stitch, Spine Stitch Related: Cretan Stitch, Open Cretan Stitch
A more openly spaced Open Cretan Stitch.

Long-legged Cross Stitch

Long-tailed Daisy Stitch

Loop Picot
Alternate Name: Pinned Picot Used in Richelieu and Italian cutwork. A straight pin is used as a gauge for the picot loop and then removed.

Loop Stitch
Alternate Name: Centipede Stitch, Sienese Stitch

Loop Stitch [2]
Common Name: Detached Chain Stitch

Looped Edging Stitch

Looped Shading Stitch
Common Name: Closed Wave Stitch

Lozenge Filling
A drawn fabric technique.


Magic Chain Stitch
Common Name: Checkered Chain Stitch

Maiden Hair Stitch

Maltese Cross Filling Stitch

Maltese Cross Stitch
Alternate Name: Interlacing Stitch, Laced Herringbone Stitch Related: Interlacing Stitch, Maltese Cross Filling Stitch

Maltese Filling
A drawn fabric technique that has nothing in common with Maltese Cross Stitch or Maltese Cross Filling Stitch.

Marking Cross Stitch
A stitch that, at one time, was used for marking linens. When worked properly (and neatly) the stitch creates Cross Stitches on the front, and squares on the reverse side. It requires that some stitches must be covered twice.

Mexican Stitch
Common Name: Cloud Filling

Milanese Stitch
A canvas stitch that creates the effect of brocade or woven fabric.

Montenegrin Cross Stitch
Alternate Name: Two-sided Montenegrin Cross Stitch, Montenegrin Stitch Related: Cross & Straight Stitch

Moorish Stitch
A canvas fill stitch.

Mosaic Diamond Filling
A drawn fabric technique.

Mosaic Filling
A drawn fabric technique that combines Satin Stitch and Four-sided Stitch.

Mosaic Stitch
Common Name: Hungarian Stitch

Mossoul Stitch
Common Name: Herringbone Stitch


Needleweaving Bar
Often used in needlelace and stumpwork.

Net Filling
Related: Drawn Faggot Filling
A drawn fabric technique.

Net Passing Stitch

Net Stitch
A foundation thread is couched at the top of the area to be filled. Blanket Stitch is then used to fill the space, completely detached from the fabric.

New England Stitch


Oblique Filling
A drawn fabric stitch consisting of a six-pointed star, worked with two stitches to each point.

Oblique Gobelin Stitch
Common Name: Gobelin Stitch

Oblong Cross Stitch

Old English Knot
Common Name: Double Knot Stitch

One-sided Insertion Stitch
A drawn fabric stitch.

Open Base Picot
Needlewoven lace-making technique used in stumpwork.

Open Basket Filling Stitch
Related: Basket Filling Stitch
A drawn fabric stitch made up of rows of Satin Stitch that have the appearance of being overlapped or woven. It is best to work one complete row at at time.

Open Buttonhole Filling
Related: Ceylon Stitch

Open Chain Stitch
Alternate Name: Ladder Stitch, Ladder Hemstitch, Roman Chain Stitch, Square Chain Stitch, Step Stitch

Open Cretan Stitch
Related: Cretan Stitch

Open Fishbone Stitch
Related: Fishbone Stitch

Open Loop Stitch
Common Name: Fly Stitch

Open Square Stitch

Open Trellis Filling
A drawn fabric technique consisting of rows of Diagonal Raised Band worked across each other.

Open Wave Stitch

Open Window Filling
Alternate Name: Double Window Filling Related: Window Filling Stitch

Openwork Insertion Stitch
Common Name: Woven Hem Stitch

Oriental Laid Stitch
Common Name: Roumanian Couching

Oriental Satin Stitch

Oriental Stitch
Common Name: Roumanian Stitch

Outer Buttonhole Wheel
Common Name: Inverted Pinwheel

Outline Stitch
Related: Stem Stitch
A primary embroidery stitch. Similar to Stem Stitch, except the needle comes up from below the previous stitch rather than at the top.

Outlined Chain Stitch
Alternate Name: Interlaced Chain Stitch

Overcast Bar
Alternate Name: Corded Bar, Twisted Bar Related: Buttonholed Bar, Woven Bar
Overcast Stitch is worked over two or more fabric threads exposed after removing the surrounding warp and weft. Used in Italian Cut Work.

Overcast Stitch
Related: Detached Overcast Stitch, Trailing Stitch
A common stitch.

Overhand Stitch
Related: Overcast Stitch
A hand stitch used in plain sewing to connect two finished edges, such as attaching ribbon or lace edging to a hem.

Overlapping Herringbone Stitch
Common Name: Raised Fishbone Stitch

Oyster Stitch
A combination of Twisted Chain and Chain Stitch.


Padded Satin Stitch
Padding methods vary, from Satin Stitch to Seeding, but they are always stitched in the opposite direction of the finished Satin Stitch to ensure they won't show through.

Palestrina Stitch
Common Name: Double Knot Stitch

Parisian Stitch
A canvas stitch.

Pattern Darning
Groups of stitches of varying lengths, stitched repeating patterns. Best suited for evenweave fabrics to ensure uniform stitches. Known in Japan as Kogin Embroidery, often worked with white cotton on heavy indigo linen.

Pearl Stitch
Related: Overcast Stitch

Pekinese Stitch
Alternate Name: Chinese Stitch Can be used as a line or border, or, as is commonly seen in Chinese embroideries, as filling. A more open variation of this stitch, Spaced Pekinese Stitch, has uses Back Stitches with gaps between (although Running Stitch would be just as effective).

Common Name: Double Darning

Petal Stitch
Alternate Name: Pendant Chain Stitch A combination of Stem Stitch and Chain Stitch.

Picot Stitch
Common Name: Detached Chain Stitch

Piecing Stitch
Related: Back Stitch, Running Stitch
A hand-sewing stitch that is a combination of Running Stitch and Back Stitch, used to create strong seams. Often used for hand-piecing of quilts. A small Back Stitch is taken at the beginning of a series of Running Stitches.

Pin Stitching
Alternate Name: Point de Paris A delicate hemstitch.

Pinned Picot
Common Name: Loop Picot

Pistil Stitch
French Knot at the end of Straight Stitch.

Plaid Filling Stitch

Plait Stitch
Alternate Name: Spanish Stitch Related: Long-Armed Cross Stitch, Plaited Algerian Stitch
Long-armed Cross Stitch worked close together, with little or no fabric showing between the stitches.

Plaited Algerian Stitch

Plaited Braid Stitch

Plaited Edge Stitch

Plaited Gobelin Stitch
A canvas stitch.

Plaited Insertion Stitch

Plaited Slav Stitch

Plaited Stitch
Related: Surface Darning
Creates a raised checkerboard pattern.

Plaited Stitch on Canvas
Related: Fern Stitch on canvas
Canvas stitch.

Plaited Stitch [3]
Common Name: Herringbone Stitch

Plumage Stitch
Common Name: Long & Short Stitch

Point de Marque
Common Name: Cross Stitch

Point de Sable
Common Name: Back Stitch

Point Turc
Common Name: Three-sided Stitch

Porto Rico Rose
Common Name: Bullion Knot

Portuguese Border Stitch

Portuguese Knotted Stem Stitch
Common Name: Portuguese Stem Stitch

Portuguese Stem Stitch
Alternate Name: Chain of Grain, Portuguese Knotted Stem Stitch

Portuguese Stitch

Post Stitch
Common Name: Bullion Knot

Punch Stitch
A drawn fabric technique.