Wave Stitch Filling
Alternate Name: Straight-line Stitch Related: Arrowhead Stitch
An Arrowhead Stitch variation. Worked back and forth, from right to left and back again. Creates an overall diamond pattern.

Weaving Stitch

Weaving Stitch Filling
Related: Woven Hem Stitch
A drawn thread stitch that requires alternately drawing out two threads and leaving two threads to create a square grid, or lattice, foundation. The remaining threads are Whipstitched together and the design woven in, either horizontally or verically.

Web Stitch
A canvas stitch that creates a close, woven effect for background fillings.

Wheatear Stitch
Related: TÍte de Boeuf Stitch, Detached Wheatear Stitch
Worked along a vertical line, top to bottom. The two diagonal lines are stitched first as an anchor for the loop.

Wheel Stitch

Whip Stitch
A variation of Overcast Stitch in which the stitches are spaced apart. Used in hand-sewing to stitch seams and hems. In embroidery it is most often seen in combination with other stitches.

Whipped Back Stitch
Considered by some to be a more accurate method of outlining a curved shape than Outline Stitch. Creates a slightly raised line.

Whipped Blanket Stitch
Alternate Name: Whipped Buttonhole Stitch

Whipped Chain Stitch
Related: Chain Stitch, Whip Stitch
A composite stitch made up of Chain Stitch whipped with the same or contrasting thread.

Whipped Fly Stitch

Whipped Running Stitch
Alternate Name: Cordonnet Stitch A line of Running Stitch in which the stitches are whipped together with a similar or complimentary color.

Whipped Satin Stitch
A raised effect used for leaf fillings, etc.

Whipped Seed Stitch

Whipped Spider's Web

Whipped Stem Stitch
Related: Outline Stitch, Stem Stitch, Whip Stitch
To create a heavier outline, a foundation of Stem/Outline Stitch is gone over with Whip Stitch that encircles the foundation line but doesn't pierce the fabric.

Wide Gobelin Stitch
Related: Encroaching Gobelin Stitch, Gobelin Stitch
A variation of Gobelin Stitch. Each stitch is longer and more slanted, being stitched over two vertical and three horizontal threads of the canvas.

William & Mary Stitch
Common Name: Rice Stitch

Window Filling Stitch
Alternate Name: Straight Line Stitch A drawn fabric stitch. Reverses to Double Stitch Filling.

Worm Stitch
Common Name: Bullion Knot

Woven Bar

Woven Filling Stitch
Alternate Name: Queen Anne Stitch

Woven Hem Stitch
Alternate Name: Openwork Insertion Stitch, Needle Weaving

Woven Picot
A labor-intensive edge decoration that produces a fairly large picot. Best worked with a firm, heavy thread and requiring a straight pin to support the picot until completed.

Woven Spider's Web


Common Name: Fly Stitch

Yugoslav Border Stitch
Related: Arrowhead Stitch, Interlaced Yugoslav Border Stitch
Similiar in appearance to Arrowhead Stitch, but worked more along the lines of Holbein Stitch.


Zigzag Braid

Zigzag Cable Stitch
Related: Zigzag Chain Stitch
A variation of Cable Stitch.

Zigzag Chain Stitch
Alternate Name: Vandyke Chain Stitch Related: Zigzag Cable Stitch
Worked in the same way as Chain Stitch, but along two parallel lines to form a zigzag pattern. To keep the angled loops lying flat, when reinserting the needle through the fabric, stitch through the end of the last loop.

Zigzag Coral Stitch
Worked in the same manner as Coral Stitch, from right to left, but along two parallel lines with the knots formed in a zigzag, rather than a straight line. Makes an attractive border.

Zigzag Stitch
Worked in along two parallel lines, from right to left and then left to right following the same guidelines. Best used as a border, but could probably be used to fill a rectangular area.