Small Potholder

These small potholders are perfect for lifting hot lids or dishes. Attach the two with ribbon and hang them near the microwave for easy access!

Finished size approximately 8"


  • 1/8 yd cotton fabric (muslin, lightweight denim, etc.)
  • 10" x 8" piece of wool felt or cotton batting (sew-in or fusible)
  • Six-strand cotton embroidery floss

1. Transfer the design of your choice onto the pockets and embroider before assembling the potholder. Fold pockets in half along fold line, wrong sides facing. Iron and baste in place on the right side of the upper fabric piece.

2. Place felt or batting on the wrong side of fabric, and baste or iron in place.

3. Lay the fabric with the padding on top of the piece with the pockets, right sides facing. Sew together, leaving an opening between dots for turning.

4. Trim seams and clip curves. Turn right side out and sew closed with blindstitch.

Download PDF Pattern