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We created these boards to let the needlecrafter community connect with one another. It was a nice quiet little corner of the internet for a little bit, then got ruined by the automated spaming systems, that made it very difficult to maintain. Now we have relaunched with a moderated messageboard, that we hope will become the NOT SO quiet corner we intended. Feel free to add a new Topic. The latest activity will bring a post back to the top of the page. But regardless, all topics will archive after 60 days. The "My Stuff" filter only works when you sign on.
To the new Needlecrafter Message Boards. Due to the proliferation of internet SPAM and disruptive defacement by hackers and marketers alike. We are now operating with a high level of moderation. All accounts will need to have an email activation key sent to the user, so make sure you are signing up with an current email account. After activation, a user will experience some level of delay for their initial posts and replies to surface due to moderation. But we feel that this is a necessary step in making the community a better place. Thanks, Tom