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Reference 10184

Belle with Parasol & Violets

Subject People
Source Laura Wheeler

Pattern suggests use on pillowcases, towels, and bureau scarfs.

COLOR SUGGESTIONS: Skin: tan, peach or black; mouth: red or rose; eyes: blue, brown or black; hair: gold, henna or brown; skirt: predominating color of the room; blouse: color to contrast with skirt; hat: straw color or black with turquoise, black or blue ribbon; umbrella and shawl: light blue or light green with contrasting fringe; violets: shades of purple with yellow or black centers; wild roses: pink or yellow with yellor or black centers; wild roses: pink or yellow with orange centers; morning glories: blue, purple or wine with orange or yellow centers; leaves and stems: shades of green.

Notes Laura Wheeler 636 one of three images.
Actual size: 10.75"x7.25"
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