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Reference 10233

Mammy Tea Towels - Friday

Subject Days of the week
Source Aunt Martha

Original instructions as follows: Designs are to be stamped in corners of tea towels. All dresses are red outline and French knots. Aprons black outline. Faces and hands light brown applique. Mouth red satin stitch. Eyes black outline and satin stitch. Caps appliqued of red-checked material. Baskets, chicken and cake are brown; fruit in bin orange; threads bright colors; earrings yellow; parsley around chicken green; dust pan and lettering are red; everything else black or desired color.

Stamp panholder on red dotted material. applique face, cap, shoes and apron. Line, pad and bind edge in green bias tape or in red or white. Attach loop at X.


Aunt Martha 9469

Set includes seven days of the week and one potholder.

This set was intended for applique, but I think it would be easier to tint certain areas instead.

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