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Reference 10285

Colonial Girl with Crocheted Skirt

Subject People
Source Workbasket
Instructions   Lovely to look at and easy to make. This colonial girl is ideal for pillow slips; has a crocheted skirt with the pineapple motif. The ruffle may be crocheted or embroidered. We have used tatting thread and a number 12 crochet hook. The widest part of the skirt measures about 5.5 inches. The length of the skirt from waist to bottom of skirt is about 4 inches. Abbreviations: Ch (chain); st (stitch); sk (skip); dc (double crochet); sp (space); lp (loop); tr (treble) - thread over hook twice and work off two lps at a time. Row 1: Begin at top of skirt and ch 9, dc in third ch from hook, ch 2, 2 dc in same st, * sk 2 ch, shell (2 dc, ch 2, 2 dc) in next st; repeat from * once, ch 5, turn. Row 2: Shell over shell, with ch 1 between repeat from * to * twice (3 shells), ch 5, turn. Row 3: * Shell over shell, ch 1, shell between shell, repeat from * until there are 5 shells, ch 5, turn. Row 4: * Shell over shell, shell in ch 1, shell over next shell *; sk ch 1, shell over shell, sk ch 1, repeat from * to * making 7 shells, ch 5, turn. Row 5: Shell over each shell (7 shells), ch 5, turn. Row 6: * Shell over shell, ch 1; repeat from * across (always 7 shells), end with ch 5, turn. This row and the next five are worked alike, except that the ch between shells becomes one st longer with each row (ch 5 in row 10). Row 11: Shell over shell, * ch 5, 2 dc in shell, ch 5, 2 dc in same shell, ch 5, shell over shell, repeat from * twice, ch 5, turn. Row 12: Pineapples are begun in this row. Shell over shell, ch 3, * 12 tr in ch 5 lp, ch 3, shell over next shell, ch 3, repeat from * across, ending with ch 5, turn. Row 13: Shell and ch 3 as before, tr separated by ch 1 in each tr across pineapple, (ch 3, shell, ch 3) between each pineapple, continue across and always end with 3 ch, shell, ch 5, turn. Row 14: Shell over shell, * ch 3, sc in each sp below, repeat across pineapple, ch 3, shell over shell, repeat from * across pineapples, ending with ch 3 and shell; ch 5, turn. In this and succeeding rows there are loops of ch 3, sc in each space below. Continue through row 17, each time decreasing the number of loops. Row 18: Continue as before, but add ch 2, 2 dc, ch 2 between two center shells. This makes the beginning of division of the shell paths between pineapples. Row 19: Expand both inside shell paths to 2 shells separated by ch 3 between; increase this ch in each successive row to 5, 7, 9, which should come in row 22. Row 23: Shell, (ch 3, sc) twice, ch 3, shell, ch 5, turn. Row 24: Shell, ch 3 to tip space, ch 3, shell, ch 5, turn. Row 25: Shell over shell twice, ch 3, sl st over end st of two rows below, sl st across ch 9, then repeat tip for: next pineapple. From now on, complete each pineapple separately. Fasten and cut thread. Ruffle: Ch 3, dc in first st, ch 1, 2 dc in same st, ch 5, turn. Next Row: Shell over shell, ch 5, turn; repeat this last row for desired length, ending with ch 5, sc in each ch 5 lp along each shell with ch 1 between. This makes an edge and insertion along the top of ruffle for a ribbon. Arrange pattern given here in center of pillow slip and trace upper portion of body. Place top of crocheted skirt on dotted lines. Fasten with sewing thread along the edges. Cut away material to waistline and make a narrow rolled hem. Work body in outline stitch. Embroider in lazy daisy and outline stitch or in satin stitch with French knots, using any colors to harmonize with your color scheme.
Notes Workbasket, Vol. 14, No. 6, March 1949
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