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Reference 10384

Cleaning Day

Subject Days of the week
Source Superior
Instructions   STITCHES USED: Continuous lines - outline stitch Dots - French knots or fine satin stitch Single lines - single stitch Loops - lazy daisy stitch Broken lines - running stitch Crosses - cross stitch Small solid sections - satin stitch SUGGESTED COLORS: Bunnies - black, tan or grey Eyes - brown, blue or black Noses and mouths - rose Clothing - various bright or pastel colors Aprons - color to harmonize or contrast with dresses Furniture and clothes poles - brown Iron and mops - grey Bird - yellow Bird cage - light grey Rolling pin and mop handles - yellow, red or light brown Pail and tub - dark blue or dark grey Water - turquoise Brushes and flower pots - red Baskets - tan or straw color Church - tan or maroon Carrots - orange Flowers - various colors Flower centers - yellow, brown or tan Leaves and stems - shades of green Finish motif in black
Notes Superior 135 - 7 Bunny Motifs
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