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Eskimo Laced Edge

Invented by the Eskimos and Aleuts to join parka seams, making them waterproof. Makes a decorative hem finish. Baste a small hem with Running Stitches worked close to the inside edge. Using pearl cotton, place your starting knot inside the hem (so it won't show) making sure you begin to stitch so it comes out on the front of your fabric. Work from right to left, making somewhat loose stitches to make lacing easier. (It is recommended that the Running Stitches be made with a stabbing, rather than a sewing motion.) Using a heavier weight thread and a tapestry needle, begin lacing by placing the knot inside the hem and bringing the needle out just below the first Running Stitch. Lace it under this stitch without picking up the fabric. Turn the edge over so that the right side is facing you and lace under the first stitch from the edge in. Lace the second stitch toward the edge. Lace over the edge to the backside of the fabric and continue.
The Stitches of Creative Embroidery, p 42
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