Quilter's Knot
A good knot with which to begin most hand-sewing tasks such as quilting and appliqué. After threading the needle, wrap the end three times around it. Pinch the wrapped thread with one hand and with the other pull the needle through until the thread is all the way through and a firm knot is formed.


Raised Blanket Stitch

Raised Blanket Stitch

Raised Chain Band
Related: Checkered Chain Band
Using a tapestry needle, Chain Stitch is worked over a foundation of horizontal Straight Stitches.

Raised Chevron Stitch

Raised Fishbone Stitch
Alternate Name: Overlapping Herringbone Stitch

Raised Honeycomb Filling Stitch

Raised Lattice Band
Combines Satin Stitch and Threaded Herringbone Stitch.

Raised Outline Stitch

Raised Stem Stitch
Alternate Name: Raised Stem Stitch Band Can be worked as a band or to fill a shaped area.

Renaissance Stitch
A variation of Roumanian Stitch.

Renaissance Stitch on Canvas
A canvas stitch.

Rep Stitch
Alternate Name: Aubusson Stitch Must be worked on Penelope canvas.

Reverse Chain Stitch
Common Name: Broad Chain Stitch

Reversed Cross Stitch

Reversed Faggot Stitch

Reversed Satin Stitch

Rhodes Stitch
Traditionally worked as a square on canvas, but can be stitched in a circle on plain fabric.

Rice Stitch
Alternate Name: Crossed Corners, Crossed Corners Cross Stitch, William & Mary Stitch

Ridge Filling
A drawn fabric stitch made up of rows of Diagonal Raised Band worked over four threads instead of six.

Ring Picot
Buttonhole Stitch with evenly spaced Buttonhole Stitched picots.

Ringed Back Stitch Filling
Drawn fabric stitch.

Ripple Stitch
"...worked on the principle of double back stitch {Holbein Stitch}."

Rococco Stitch

Roll Stitch
Common Name: Bullion Knot

Roman Chain Stitch
Common Name: Open Chain Stitch

Roman Filling Stitch
Related: Roman Stitch

Roman Stitch
Related: Roumanian Stitch
Very similar to Roumanian Stitch, except that the tying-down stitch is shorter and pulled tighter.

Rope Stitch
Rope Stitch looks like a row of slanting Satin Stitch, except that the stitching is slightly raised on one edge.

Rosette Chain Stitch
Alternate Name: Bead Edging Stitch Related: Braid Stitch, Plaited Braid Stitch, Sorbello Stitch

Rosette Filling Stitch
A drawn fabric stitch with a repeating star motif.

Roumanian Couching
Alternate Name: Antique Couching, Figure Stitch, Laid Oriental Stitch, Oriental Laid Stitch Related: Bokhara Couching

Roumanian Hem Stitch
Common Name: Italian Hem Stitch

Roumanian Stitch
Alternate Name: Antique Stitch, Oriental Stitch A self-couching method.

Roumanian Stitch [2]
Common Name: Holbein Stitch An uncommon alternate name for Holbein Stitch.

Running Stitch
Related: Darning Stitch
One of the most basic embroidery stitches. Worked left to right, with many variations. The foundation stitch for Japanese Sashiko and Kogin embroideries.

Russian Chain Stitch
Detached Chain Stitch worked in clusters of three. Working technique varies. Figure 1 looks like a Detached Chain Stitch with ears, while Figure 2 has three true Detached Chain Stitches radiating from a center point. These clusters can be worked in vertical or horizontal lines.

Russian Cross Stitch
Common Name: Herringbone Stitch

Russian Drawn Filling
A drawn thread stitch.

Russian Filling Stitch
Related: Reversed Faggot Stitch
A drawn fabric technique that uses Reversed Faggot Stitch.

Russian Overcast Filling
A square grid used in Russian Drawn Thread and Hedebo.

Russian Stitch
Common Name: Herringbone Stitch


Sampler Stitch
Common Name: Cross Stitch

Satin Couching
Common Name: Trailing Stitch

Satin Stitch
Alternate Name: Damask Stitch Related: Encroaching Satin Stitch, Surface Satin Stitch, Padded Satin Stitch
A basic embroidery stitch, that takes practice to work neatly. The shape to be filled can be outlined first in Split Stitch, which will help keep the edges smooth.

Scottish Stitch
A canvas, or needlepoint, stitch.

Scroll Stitch
Alternate Name: Single Knotted Line Stitch Worked from left to right.

Seed Stitch
Alternate Name: Isolated Back Stitch, Seeding, Simple Knot Stitch, Speckling Stitch, Dot Stitch Related: Granitos
Two small stitches made close together, unlike Granitos that use the same two holes for the stitches. Can be stitched in a line, but typically scattered randomly as a fill (Seed Stitch Filling).

Common Name: Seed Stitch

Seeding Stitch
Alternate Name: Seed Filling Stitch, Speckling Stitch Related: Seed Stitch
Tiny Straight Stitches placed randomly over an area to be filled.

Serpentine Hem Stitch

Serrated Fishbone Stitch

Shaded Laid Work

Shading Stitch
Common Name: Long & Short Stitch

Shadow Work
Common Name: Double Back Stitch

Sham Hem Stitch
Related: Raised Chevron Stitch
A foundation of Arrowhead Stitch, laced with thread of a different color.

Sheaf Stitch
Alternate Name: Faggot Filling Stitch, Sheaf Filling Stitch Three parallel Straight Stitches that are wrapped together in the middle.

Sheaf Stitch Band
A fairly complicated but makes an interesting border.

Shell Stitch
Related: Sheaf Stitch
A canvas stitch

Simple Knot Stitch
Common Name: Seed Stitch

Singalese Chain Stitch
Related: Open Chain Stitch
An Open Chain Stitch variation that is worked over two parallel laid threads of a contrasting color. Bring the laid threads through from the back and let them lie loosely along lines to be stitched. Begin by bringing the contrasting thread through just below and inside where the left laid thread emerged.

Single Coral Stitch
Common Name: Single Feather Stitch

Single Faggot Stitch
Alternate Name: Diagonal Line Stitch, Diagonal Square Stitch The back of the stitch is similar to Reversed Faggot Stitch.

Single Feather Stitch
Related: Feather Stitch, Double Feather Stitch
Looks similar to Blanket Stitch, but is worked vertically, top to bottom, rather than horizontally.

Single Knot Tufting
Common Name: Turkey Work

Single Knotted Stitch
A canvas stitch that, when worked closely together, resembles a carpet pile. Thick, stranded thread or wool is best. Finished tufts will need to be trimmed to make them even.

Single Satin Stitch
Common Name: Straight Stitch

Slanted Feather Stitch
Alternate Name: Briar Stitch, Thorn Stitch Related: Feather Stitch
Variation of Feather Stitch.

Slav Cross Stitch

Slipped Detached Chain
Common Name: Tulip Stitch

Common Name: Blindstitch

Smocker's Knot
Firmer than a French Knot.

Smyrna Cross Stitch
Common Name: Double Cross Stitch

Smyrna Stitch
Common Name: Double Knot Stitch

Snail Trail Stitch
Common Name: Coral Stitch

Sorbello Stitch
Related: Braid Stitch, Rosette Chain Stitch
Looks like a row of little pretzels.

South Kensington Stitch
Common Name: Stem Stitch

Spaced Buttonhole Stitch
Common Name: Blanket Stitch

Spanish Coral Stitch
Common Name: Crested Chain Stitch

Spanish Knotted Feather Stitch
Related: Crested Chain Stitch
Worked vertically, top to bottom. When stitched close together, the result has a braided appearance.

Spanish Stitch
Common Name: Plait Stitch

Speckling Stitch
Common Name: Seed Stitch

Spider Web

Spider Web Ring

Spiral Stitch
Related: Blanket Stitch
A Blanket Stitch variation that outlines a shape, having the arms of the Blanket Stitch facing out.

Split Back Stitch
Related: Back Stitch, Split Stitch
When working Split Back Stitch, the needle splits the previous stitch from the top, rather than coming from underneath as in Split Stitch.

Split Stitch
Alternate Name: Kensington Outline Stitch Related: Split Back Stitch
Similar in method to Back Stitch and Stem Stitch, except than when the needle emerges from the back of the fabric, it comes up into the previous stitch. The end result is something like Chain Stitch.

Sprat's Head
Related: Crow's Foot
Traditonal tailoring technique.

Square Chain Stitch
Common Name: Open Chain Stitch

Square Stitch
Common Name: Holbein Stitch

Square Stitch [2]
Common Name: Four-sided Stitch

Squared Ground Stitch
A drawn fabric technique.

St. George's Cross
Related: Cross Stitch
A crossed stitch with vertical and horizontal stitches.

Stalk Stitch
Common Name: Stem Stitch

Star Eyelet Stitch
Common Name: Algerian Eye Stitch

Star Filling
Begin this stitch from the center of the star, bringing the needle out at 1. Insert the needle at 2, bring it out on the left, at 3. Insert the needle in the center again, bring it back out at 4 and go back to the center. Bring the needle out at 5 and finish in the center. To continue, move horizontally or vertically and bring the needle out at center point of next star and continue in the same way, making sure that the arms meet. The end result is a field filled with diamonds.

Star Filling Stitch
Common Name: Star Stitch

Star Stitch
Alternate Name: Star Filling Stitch An isolated motif stitch that can be worked equally well on canvas, evenweave and plain fabrics. Four Straight Stitches overlap to create a star and are tacked in the middle with another small Straight Stitch or Cross Stitch.

Stem Stitch
Alternate Name: Crewel Stitch, South Kensington Stitch, Stalk Stitch Related: Outline Stitch
A form of Back Stitch, with the needle coming up just above the previous stitch, rather than into the same hole.

Stem Stitch Filling

Stem Stitch on Canvas

Stem Stitch Shading

Step Stitch
Alternate Name: Ladder Stich

Step Stitch Filling
A drawn fabric stitch that forms a checkerboard filling.

Step Stitch [2]
Common Name: Open Chain Stitch

Common Name: Back Stitch

Straight Gobelin Stitch
Alternate Name: Upright Gobelin Stitch

Straight Line Stitch
Common Name: Window Filling

Straight Overcast Ground
Common Name: Cobbler Filling Stitch

Straight Overcast Stitch
Common Name: Overcast Stitch

Straight Stitch
Alternate Name: Stroke Stitch, Single Satin Stitch

Straight-line Stitch
Common Name: Wave Stitch Filling

Striped Woven Band
Related: Diagonal Woven Band
The method for working is the same as Diagonal Woven Band, but the colors are arranged differently.

Stroke Stitch
Common Name: Straight Stitch

Stroke Stitch [2]
Common Name: Holbein Stitch

Surface Darning
Related: Plaited Stitch
Creates a close woven filling using Stocking Darn. Over a foundation of Satin Stitches or Surface Satin Stitches, the thread is woven in and out, only catching the fabric at the edges. Best worked in a frame.

Surface Satin Stitch
Related: Satin Stitch
A Satin Stitch variation that is more economical in its use of thread, but a little tricky to work neatly.

Sword Edge Stitch
Alternate Name: Sword-edging Stitch Equally attractive as a delicate filling or as a line. Looks more like the hilt of the sword than the edge.


Tacked Herringbone Stitch

Tacked Satin Stitch

Tacking Stitch
Common Name: Darning Stitch

Tail Chain Stitch
Common Name: Detached Chain Stitch

Tailor's Buttonhole Stitch
Alternate Name: Buttonhole Stitch Related: Buttonhole Stitch

Tailor's Padding Stitch
Common Name: Diagonal Basting

Tapestry Stitch
Common Name: Knitting Stitch

Teneriffe Darning

Tent Stitch
Alternate Name: Petit Point A canvas, or needlepoint stitch, that can be worked diagonally or horizontally. When worked horizontally a frame is required to avoid excessive distortion of the canvas.

Tête de Boeuf Stitch
Alternate Name: Bull's Head Stitch, Head of the Bull Stitch Related: Detached Chain Stitch, Detached Wheatear Stitch
Two variations: the first (sometimes called Detached Wheatear Stitch) looks more like a bull's head and is worked with a loose horizontal stitch that is held down in the middle with a Detached Chain Stitch; the second consists of a Detached Chain Stitch and two angled Straight Stitches on either side.

Thorn Stitch
A loose central thread is couched along the line to be stitched with long Straight Stitches that intersect over the foundation thread.

Thorn Stitch [2]
Common Name: Slanted Feather Stitch

Threaded Arrowhead Stitch
Common Name: Sham Hem Stitch

Threaded Back Stitch
Related: Double Threaded Back Stitch, Whipped Back Stitch
A Back Stitch variation.

Threaded Chain Stitch
Alternate Name: Detached Chain Stitch Threaded|569

Threaded Fly Stitch

Threaded Herringbone Stitch
Related: Herringbone Stitch
A Herringbone Stitch variation. The lacing can be worked from left to right, or right to left.

Threaded Running Stitch
Alternate Name: Whipped Running Stitch|115

Threaded Seed Stitch

Three-sided Stitch
Alternate Name: Bermuda Faggoting, Lace Stitch, Point Turc, Turkish Stitch Drawn fabric stitch that creates a triangular band.

Three-sided Stitch [2]

Tied Blanket Stitch

Tied Coral Stitch
Common Name: Double Knot Stitch

Tied Herringbone Stitch
Related: Closed Herringbone Stitch, Crisscross Herringbone Stitch, Herringbone Stitch
Several variations: 1. Tacked down with small Straight Stitches, 2. Tacked down with Detached Chain Stitches, 3. Zigzag Coral Stitch worked over the Herringbone Stitch. The same methods of tying down can be used as well with Closed Herringbone.

Tied Loop Stitch
Common Name: Detached Chain Stitch

Trailing Stitch
Alternate Name: Overcast Stitch, Satin Couching Related: Detached Overcast Stitch

Trellis Couching
Alternate Name: Couched Filling Stitch, Jacobean Couching, Trellis Filling Related: Lattice Couching

Trellis Stitch

Triangle Stitch
Related: Bosnian Stitch
Two mirrored rows of Bosnian Stitch.

Triangular Two-sided Turkish Stitch
A drawn fabric technique.

Triple Back Stitch
Common Name: Hungarian Stitch

Triple Feather Stitch
Alternate Name: Straight Triple Feather Stitch

Tulip Stitch
Alternate Name: Slipped Detached Chain Related: Detached Wheatear Stitch
Detached Chain Stitch with a secondary stitch looped through the chain's anchor stitch.

Turkey Work
Alternate Name: Ghiordes Knot, Quilt Knot, Single Knot Tufting, Single Knot Smyrna Rug Stitch, Tufted Knot Stitch, Turkey Rug Knot

Turkish Stitch
Common Name: Three-sided Stitch

Twist Stitch

Twisted Bar
Common Name: Overcast Bar

Twisted Chain Stitch
A simple Chain Stitch variation. Worked downwards.

Twisted Fly Stitch

Twisted Insertion Stitch
Alternate Name: Faggoting

Twisted Knot Stitch
Common Name: French Knot

Twisted Lattice Band Stitch
Related: Threaded Herringbone Stitch, Tied Herringbone Stitch
A threaded Herringbone Stitch variation.

Twisted Lattice Stitch

Twisted Satin Stitch

Twisted Straight Stitch
Alternate Name: Twisted Satin Stitch Related: Breton Stitch

Two-sided Cross Stitch
Related: Cross Stitch, Marking Cross Stitch

Two-sided Insertion Stitch
A drawn fabric stitch -- not technically an Insertion Stitch. Reverses to a diamond pattern.

Two-sided Italian Cross Stitch
Alternate Name: Arrowhead Cross Stitch, Italian Cross Stitch, Two-sided Italian Stitch

Two-sided Italian Stitch

Two-sided Line Stitch
Common Name: Holbein Stitch

Two-sided Montenegrin Cross Stitch

Two-sided Plaited Spanish Stitch
Related: Arrowhead Stitch

Two-sided Stroke Stitch
Common Name: Holbein Stitch


Up & Down Buttonhole Stitch
Related: Blanket Stitch, Buttonhole Filling, Buttonhole Stitch, Double Blanket Stitch
A variation of this stitch, Double Up & Down Stitch, is worked in the same way as Double Blanket Stitch. May also be stitched as a fill as for Buttonhole Filling.

Upright Gobelin Stitch


Vandyke Chain Stitch
Common Name: Zigzag Chain Stitch

Vandyke Stitch
Worked vertically, from top to bottom. May be stitched along two parallel lines for a border, or may be stitched into the form of a leaf.

Velvet Stitch
Related: Turkey Work
A canvas stitch, using thick thread or rug yarn, that creates a piled effect. When stitching is completed, the loops are cut open and trimmed. The loops can be formed over a thick knitting needle to ensure uniformity.

Venetian Picot
Common Name: Buttonhole Picot